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OnTray FamilyA few of years ago, I was at the grocery store with all three of my boys.  Jack and Luke were "driving" the shopping cart that looks like a truck.  Ty, not even a year yet, was up front in the child seat part of the cart.  I was handing him one snack at a time from a container that I carried with me everywhere I went.  I was trying to shop, contain my "little truck drivers", browse through my coupons, keep Ty happy and get all of the items on my list.  Needless to say, I came home with a bunch of junk that Jack and Luke threw in the cart and was completely frazzled.  I swore never to go shopping with the kids again!  That day, while the children were napping, I did some research on the web and found there wasn't a product available that would free up adult hands to shop and keep little hands busy.  OnTray was born. It was born out of necessity.

The great thing about OnTray, other than it makes shopping with your young children a little more enjoyable, is that it is multifunctional. It can be used as a container for your coupons, a shopping list and a small calculator. OnTrayTM stores easily in a diaper bag or purse. There's no reason to carry more than one container of food for your children. 

Become an OnTray user and send me a picture and a description on how you use yours to info@ontray2go.com.  I would love to share your story!                                                                      


A Special Thanks

I want to say a special thank you to all of the people who have made this possible. I hope to someday be able to give you all a more meaningful thank you.

Kathy Thomas has been wonderful to work with. Her web-design ideas, marketing design work, moral support, and belief in me and the product have meant the world to me. I would recommend her highly to anyone! Thank you to Laura Hartman for your wonderful picture taking. You do such a wonderful job! Donna Musilli helped me in an area that was unfamiliar to me. Your help and support with my QVC presentation was most appreciated. Your fashion advice was priceless! Meredith Liepelt with Rich Life Marketing, whose belief in me and help with all things marketing,was/continues to be an invaluable tool!  Thanks to everyone at Laser Reproductions. Your guidance is what allowed me to get this far. Thank you all so, so much!