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Entertainment at Walmart
"Snacks entertain my child while I keep my sanity squared away long enough to actually go through the aisles without having to unscrew some snack top, open a baggie or pick up the leftover crumbs that somehow ended up on the bottom of my shoe from the spillage. What an amazing concept and great buy for our little shopper that tags along!"

Photo submitted by Tanya


In Love with OnTray at Costco
"Kids Love Their OnTray!"

Photo submitted by Cena, with www.realmomsrock.com



OnTray Clips to Cart Perfectly at Meijer
"OnTray clipped perfectly onto the cart, and Becca not only finished off her fishies, but also a couple of handfuls of blueberries that I filled it with after we?d paid for them. And she easily held it on her lap while in her carseat on the way home.

Photo submitted by Deb

Cart Seat Covers

Works with Shopping Cart Seat Covers
"What more could Max need to keep him happy? And check out that cart seat cover, he looks like he is sitting in a cloud with his little star snacks in his OnTray. Thanks for making our shopping so enjoyable!"

Photo submitted by Traci

Musical Instrument

A Musical Instrument!
"We love the OnTray. I use it everytime I'm at the store! My daughter eats like it's her job, so it's perfect for me to take with me and fill with treats. Cailan not only eats her treats out of it, but she loves banging on it and making noise! It's hysterical listening to her."

Photo submitted by Meghan, Cary, NC

Not Just for Toddlers

OnTray is not just for toddlers!
"It's the BEST shopping helper ever!!! I can't say enough good things, and it's dishwasher safe. This is going to be my Happy 1st Birthday gift from now on! Every mom who goes shopping needs one."

Photo submitted by Carin, Hollister, CA

Party Gifts

Looking for a unique baby shower favor? Look no further. OnTray makes a perfect baby shower favors!

Burley Bike

Great for taking on a bike ride. OnTray even attaches to a Burley Bike!

Many Uses

OnTray can be used for coupons, a snack, calculator, small toys, crayons, and many much more!

How do you use OnTray?

Click here to email us a photo and a description of how you use our product. We look forward to hearing from you!